Lydia Hesse is intensely creative by nature.

Born and raised in the lands of enchantment of Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Lydia was blessed to be inspired by great artisans.

With deep gratitude, Lydia has made her living with her self-taught passions for silversmithing, weaving, hat-making and painting.

On any given day you may find her hammering pure silver into conchos, setting exotic turquoise, bead-weaving leather or slinging colorful paint; with magpies and hollyhocks outside her studio window.

"Raised in the artist colony of  tiny Taos, NM, I grew up in the midst of creativity. Believing that everyone is an artist of some sort on the inside, regardless of what they show on the outside. I'm still convinced of that.
I've been making art in one form or another all of my life. I taught myself how to paint and everyday is a new lesson.
Rather than people and their 'Spirit Animals', I like to think of these portraits as 'Birds and their Spirit People'. Although I paint the bird at the very end, it feels as though its been hovering throughout the whole painting, just waiting for me to finish so it may perch upon its companions head.
They are fixed minutes of simplicity. It's as undemanding as that."